Socialism in the Time of Corona

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January 17, 2021 00:41:06

E22: Reclaim the U.S.! With Mie Inouye

Should socialists in the U.S. be involved in electoral politics, and how? This episode looks at left and socialist involvement in the electoral politics of Rhode Island with Mie Inouye, PhD candidate at Yale University in Political Theory, and co-founder and Membership Coordinator of Reclaim Rhode Island. Mie is also co-chair of the Rhode Island chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America’s Afrosocialists and Socialists of Color caucus. Reclaim RI offers a concrete example of socialists engaging with state budgets and elections to win specific campaigns and also communicate with people who would otherwise have little contact with left politics.  ...


January 08, 2021 00:14:12

E21: Democratic socialists versus the Republican Party (5 min + 10 min)

Even after Trump, the Republican Party will remain a powerful institutional base for the far right in the U.S. We cannot take on the far right without taking on the Republican Party. How we do this without compromising our independence as socialists will be a defining challenge over the next few years. ...


December 11, 2020 00:39:12

E20: The Nordic pandemic. With Stellan Vinthagen (45 min)

Sweden guarantees health care as a constitutional right, and its citizens have generally followed their national health experts’ guidelines during the pandemic. And yet the infection and death rates per capita in Sweden are shockingly similar to those in the U.S. Stellan Vinthagen, Endowed Chair in the Study of Nonviolent Direct Action and Civil Resistance, Professor of Sociology at The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, explains why. His latest book is Conceptualizing Everyday Resistance (Routledge, 2020). Vinthagen has been active in several environmental, peace and migrants’ rights movements since 1980, and was one of the initiators of the Swedish Ship to Gaza 2008, a coalition member of the Freedom Flotilla. ...


November 29, 2020 00:46:12

E19: A people of color’s history of DSA. With Alyssa de la Rosa and David Roddy (45 min)

In their series ‘A people of color’s history of DSA,’ Alyssa de la Rosa and David Roddy present a detailed account of the role played by socialists of color in the DSA from its very origins. You’ll find this episode most useful as a supplement to their work (linked below). Alyssa De La Rosa has been a member of Sacramento DSA since 2016, and a Co-founder of the chapter’s Racial Solidarity Committee. David Roddy has been a Member of Sacramento DSA since 2009, a former member of DSA’s National Political Committee, and Western Regional YDSA organizer. He also hosts the leftist podcast Sh!t gets weird. Part-1-Socialism-race-and-the-formation-of-DSA/ Part-2-DSA-enters-the-80s/ Part-3-DSA-and-the-first-rainbow-coalition/ Part-4-DSA-Looks-Inward/ Cornel West, "Toward a socialist theory of racism' Joseph Shwartz, A history of DSA, 1971-2017  ...


November 15, 2020 00:56:14

E18: The collapse of "consent to rule." With Cedric de Leon

Few people better understand the dynamics of crises in the U.S. political establishment than my guest for this second of two election special episodes. Cedric de Leon is director of the Labor Center at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. His long resume as a labor activist includes campaigns with the United Farm Workers in Connecticut and California, SEIU in Providence, and the American Federation of Teachers in Michigan. De Leon is also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. His latest book Crisis: When political parties lose the consent to rule, compares the current dynamics within and between the two parties to those that led to the Civil War. De Leon defines a “crisis of hegemony” as a historical moment in which parties disintegrate into factions, and the people withdraw their consent to be governed by the political establishment. As socialists we need to pay close attention to the fractures within both parties over the next few years.  ...


November 02, 2020 00:57:46

E17: Class, culture and party. With Vivek Chibber (60 min)

In the first of two special election-related episodes this week, I talk with Vivek Chibber. You may already be familiar with Chibber’s popular pamphlets called ‘The ABCs of capitalism.’ In this episode I asked Chibber to expand on these, taking the “why” of class struggle as a given, but venturing into questions of who, where and how. We also discuss the stakes in the upcoming election. Finally we talk about Chibber’s forthcoming book on “the cultural turn” in Marxism, in particular the idea of ‘whiteness.’ Vivek Chibber is Professor of Sociology at New York University and editor of Catalyst, which is published by Jacobin. He is the author of several books, including two due next fall, which we discuss here. The ABCs of Capitalism   ...