E16: Marx 101--Surplus value. With Hadas Thier (45 min)

October 30, 2020 00:45:40
Socialism in the Time of Corona
E16: Marx 101--Surplus value. With Hadas Thier (45 min)

Show Notes

To help us make sense of Marx’s Capital, and therefore capitalism, Hadas Thier has just published the book ‘A people’s guide to capitalism: An introduction to Marxist economics.’ Its fresh, contemporary prose makes Marx’s concepts more accessible without sacrificing their depth. In this episode we discuss the continued relevance of the concept of ‘surplus value,’ which occupies much of the first volume of Capital.

Hadas Thier is a member of the New York City branch of DSA. She writes for Jacobin, In these Times and other publications. Like many New Yorkers, she is also a mother struggling with issues of child care and schooling during the pandemic.  


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