E27: How to show up as socialists in unions. With Lisa Xu

July 06, 2021 00:52:41
Socialism in the Time of Corona
E27: How to show up as socialists in unions. With Lisa Xu

Show Notes

This episode explores a perennial issue for socialist labor organizing, namely how to approach sexism, racism, and other violations of civil rights. When and how should unions fight against these violations for their own sake, rather than as strictly workplace issues?

My guest is Lisa Xu, a member of Boston DSA and previously co-chair of its Labor Working Group. Xu is also a member of the Afrosocialists and Socialists of Color caucus. She is currently a staff organizer for Unite All Workers for Democracy (UAWD), a rank-and-file caucus in the UAW led primarily by auto workers with growing support in other sectors of the union. UAWD is fighting to pass a union-wide referendum vote later this year on adopting direct elections of its International Executive Board, otherwise known as "One Member, One Vote." You can find links in the show notes. She was also formerly a member of and staff organizer for UAW Local 5118, the Harvard Graduate Students Union.

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